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Wunderschönes Geschenk ✨

Kate Spade,Heritage Bloom Bracelet,Cream/Gold

Wunderschönes Geschenk ✨

85 €
Showtime Statement Bracelet, , ProductTile
Kate Spade,Like Magic Charm Bracelet,Multi
Kate Spade,Showtime Delicate Bracelet,Multi

Wunderschönes Geschenk ✨

Wunderschönes Geschenk ✨

110 €
75 €
150 € 215 €(30%)
145 € 240 €(39%)

like the look of stacked bracelets? so do we. that's why all of ours—from the thinnest silver bangles to the more substantial leather bracelets and cuffs—were made to mix beautifully.

truly: start with a statement bracelet (perhaps one of our enamel heritage spade pieces?), add a few, gold bangles (or rose gold bangles, if you'd rather), and you're good to go.

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